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"Daily Lives of My Countryside" is a video game where you play as a young man who moved to his aunt's farm in the countryside. In the game, you interact with other characters like your aunt, cousin, and the people who live in the village.
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MOD Features ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Mod features include:

  • Unlocked โœ”
  • Unlimited Money โœ”
  • No-Ads โœ”


Table of Contents

Daily Lives Of My Countryside

‘Daily Lives Of My Countryside’ is a simulation game that immerses players in the experience of a young man who has recently relocated to his aunt’s countryside farm.

This game highlights the player’s interactions with various in-game characters, such as the aunt, cousin, and fellow villagers, while also offering opportunities to engage in farming, animal husbandry, and countryside exploration.

This article is all about ‘Daily Lives Of My Countryside’ MOD APK which is provided here. The mod file is 100% safe & secured by 44mods.com.

How to Play?

A typical day in ‘Daily Lives of My Countryside’ unfolds like this:

  • Wake Up: Begin your day by waking up in your room and getting dressed.
  • Take Breakfast: Share breakfast with your aunt and cousin.
  • Farm Duties: Assist your aunt in tending to various farm tasks, such as feeding the animals or maintaining the barn.
  • Work: If you have a job, head off to work. Otherwise, you can opt to dedicate your day to farming, countryside exploration, or mingling with the villagers.
  • Lunch: Enjoy lunch either at home or at one of the village’s restaurants.
  • Continue Your Activities: Resume your chosen activities, whether it’s farm work, countryside exploration, or socializing with fellow villagers.
  • Evening Repast: Have dinner either at home or at a local village eatery.
  • Quality Time: Spend precious moments with your family and friends, including your aunt, cousin, and other residents of the village.
  • Sleep Time: Wind down the day by heading to bed for a good night’s sleep.

Key Features of Daily Lives Of My Countryside

Here are the key features of Daily Lives Of My Countryside:

  1. Farm & Explore
  2. Grow & Sell
  3. Build Relationships
  4. Quests & Rewards
  5. Simple Country Life

Daily LIVES Of My Countryside MOD APK

The Daily Lives Of My Countryside MOD APK file is provided at the top of the page where you can download it & enjoy the mod features of the Game.

The mod features include:

  1. Unlocked โœ”
  2. Unlimited Money โœ”
  3. No-Ads โœ”


  • Relaxing gameplay โœ”
  • Beautiful setting โœ”
  • Variety of activities โœ”
  • Wholesome story โœ”


  • Lack of challenge
  • Short gameplay
  • Repetitive gameplay


What is ‘Daily Lives of My Countryside’?

It’s a simulation game where you live on a countryside farm, managing tasks and building relationships.

How do I make money in the game?

Earn money by growing crops, raising animals, and selling your farm produce.

Can I explore the countryside in the game?

Absolutely, you can explore the beautiful countryside setting as part of your gameplay.


In short, ‘Daily Lives of My Countryside’ is a charming rural simulation game that lets you farm, build connections, and enjoy the simple countryside life. It’s a delightful and engaging experience for all gamers.

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